Grey’s Anatomy – S13xEp05 – Both Sides Now

Amelia’s period is late. Amelia wants kids. But Amelia has given birth once already to a son who didn’t have a brain — so it’s pretty understandable the idea of being pregnant again is a bit jarring for her. But she’s forced to face that idea this week when her period’s not on time.

Meanwhile, Owen’s babysitting April and Jackson’s kid. At first, he’s struggling a bit, though as the day goes on, he becomes more comfortable with little Harriet. So when Amelia later reveals to him that she might be pregnant, he’s overjoyed. Owen’s wanted to be a dad as long as we’ve known him, and now that he’s married, he’s ready as ever. He immediately starts brainstorming how they should lay out the house, and then… Amelia finally takes the test, and it turns out negative. No baby yet.

That being said, it was absolutely absurd that they dragged out the “Is she?” or “Isn’t she?” pregnancy storyline the entire episode!

Watching the sisters bicker and fight over who got to work with Stephanie was one of the highlights of the episode. Stephanie has become the rockstar of her class, and it was about time someone other than Amelia recognized and benefited from it.

Bailey recruits DeLuca to be her Ed McMahon on a day of delivering joy to patients; they’ll be performing a liver transplant on an 80-year-old Granny June, whose hospital room is full of family members and freshly baked cookies. I love the tough, take-no-prisoners, chief-of-both-surgery-and-the-known-universe version of Bailey, but it’s really fun to see “Feel the joy!” Bailey resurface too. Seems like it’s been awhile since we’ve seen her.


How to Get Away with Murder – S3xEp05 – It’s About Frank

The Episode is ‘All About Frank, and it takes us to 11 years ago when Frank was a prisoner, locked in a cell in Jail featuring Sam Keating as his savior. Sam is visiting him because of Frank’s family getting in touch with him begging him to find a way to make sure Frank gets out on parole. Frank resists, but Sam takes the case to Annalise who has amazing micro braids down her back. Annalise doesn’t see the point, but she meets with Frank anyway. Frank has been committing crimes – like a real psychopath ( his words ) and Annalise thinks he’s trying to avoid the real world.


Bonnie traveled to Coalport to take care of her father’s funeral arrangements, but Mainly, she knows Frank is there. He transmitted a message through the killing of her father, and she thanks him through an immediate hug as soon as she sees him.

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Frank and Bonnie spend time together in his motel room. They review the last few months and discuss why he killed Mahoney. Bonnie tries to convince Frank he should come back to Philadelphia, that he and Annalise just need to forgive each other for everything. She insists Annalise doesn’t really want him dead, but ultimately he doesn’t believe her.


However, things reached a new level when Bonnie heads down to sleep with Frank on the floor. He’s having a bad dream and she tries to relax him…which leads to them kissing and having sex(!). I was surprised as well, though, watching the scene that it seemed like maybe this wasn’t their first time.. The next morning, Bonnie goes out to bring back a delicious Coalport breakfast. When she returns, Frank is gone again.


Since Frank has been gone, that’s been a considerable loss to Bonnie — and it’s a surprise to her how much she’s feeling that. She’s very much been questioning her identity and her role in Annalise’s house. The dynamic has shifted so much without him. She no longer has a touchstone there, and Annalise hasn’t been available to Bonnie in the way that she craves.


Annalise attends her first AA meeting — and promptly runs into Pres. Hargrove. Our heroine’s struggle to resist the bottle leads to painful flashbacks showing us her struggles to conceive, her miscarriages and the toll they took on her marriage to Sam. Annalise’s flashbacks results in a drunk dial to Nate, a brutal bout of vomiting (cleaned up by Wes, of all people) Side note: Did anyone wonder if Annalise might bust a move on Wes after he wiped vomit from her hair? Not a romantic moment, but the way she caressed his face, asked him if Meggie was too good to him, conjured up all those latent questions about whether she feels maternal for her young protege or some other type of way.


Michaela and Oliver going to extremes to find out what Mr. Drake was hiding was a pretty good move, but I’m getting the feeling he’s not the only one behind the flyers.


It seems like that plot was tied up a little too quickly and that’s not going to be a good thing. There was nothing that felt satisfying about the way Annalise went to confront him.


It was over and done with in less than a minute. Maybe the scene will be revisited because you know how this show likes to play with your expectations. One thing that really got to me was that Mr. Drake was studying law and still kept all the evidence on his computer.


How to Get Away with Murder – S3xEp04 – Don’t Tell Annalise

It was all about Bonnie this week; Whereas it was countering Asher about letting his friends rape Tiffany as a response to how bad he made her feel; or it was regarding Frank and maybe his way to reconnect with Bonnie with having her father killed.


It’s unclear just what Frank’s plan is, but for the moment, he doesn’t really seem like the bad guy anymore. Frank murdered Bonnie’s father for the pain he caused her many those years ago. ( Ok it’s still considered as bad..but it’s more like a ‘good’ bad ).

Bonnie will probably be thankful to him for getting her the revenge, but it’s doubtful she will be welcoming him back with open arms.

Colliver are still in a grey-ish area, as Connor has thrown himself fully into Humpr (the show’s Gindr), which he uses openly and effectivly. At Wes’ party, Connor gives Oliver a pseudo-pep talk, encouraging him to go out and hook up more too. Oliver is less inclined to do the same amount of hooking up, but tells Connor “You can go out and hook up as much as you want, just maybe don’t rub it in my face.”


In another party , Eve (she’s back!) and Annalise are dancing at a bar, taking shots, and messing with some annoying dudes who try hitting on them. Annalise and Eve’s complicated relationship has been one of the most compelling relationships on the show since it was first introduced—up there with Connor and Oliver.

Whereas Nate sees Annalise as someone who needs to be fixed, Eve doesn’t see her that way. She’s the only person who doesn’t judge Annalise. But it seems like Eve was merely brought back in this episode in order to write her off for good . It does cheapen some of the emotional significance of the story, but goddamn that scene is fantastically written and directed, every moment of it ringing true for the characters.


Nate accuses Annalise of being an alcoholic, and then Annalise turns around and uses alcoholism as a way to get her license back. It’s fucked up, especially since Nate probably has a very valid point about her drinking. But it’s perfectly in line with this character to turn one of her problems into a way of getting out of another problem.

And finally, in the flash-forward segments, we learned who was found — with a pulse! — down in the basement of Annalise’s burning building. It’s none other than Laurel — and according to the middle-of-her-ER-rotation Meggie, Wes’ law-school bestie isn’t just suffering from burns and smoke inhalation, she’s pregnant, too.

All in, this episode perfectly represented the Shondaland we all know and love. There’s so much drama packed into so little time — every character is dealing with their own major issues, and there’s a compelling case, too. Let’s hope next week’s episode is just as exciting.


Grey’s Anatomy – 13×04 – Falling Slowly

We’ve been turning around the Meredith / Riggs front for a while now, and although I’m still not sure to be rooting for them being together, I still think they got a good connection going on.
But they had to deal with some tension this week, after Meredith made the wrong medical call on a patient that he chose to follow. Meredith wondered if he chose her side because of their romance. Not only did he deny that, but at the same time he got angry over it, saying that his job meant significantly more to him than anything else.
On another front, April and Jackson tried to figure things out at home and, in Jackson’s own words, he was “walking on eggshells” in his own home. They talked about her moving out, but Jackson said that he didn’t want that … at least for now. We’ll see where this goes.
One other duo, was Amelia and Owen; Their honeymoon period was wearing off and despite their status as husband and wife, they still have a lot to learn about each other. Amelia is just starting to realize she doesn’t know her new husband that well…and she goes into a panic mode.In the end, it got them to a deeper place even if it was difficult to talk about pass trauma. Now, they’re looking towards having kids. Joy! We know that he’s been waiting for that moment for quite some time.
Owen: She’s asks me a question, and I answer it, and my answer just causes more questions, and suddenly I’ve forgotten what we were talking about, and I’m late for work, and I love her, and it’s exhausting.
Meredith: You feel better?
Owen: Yeah, a little bit.
Next week, is Amelia pregnant? That would be fast, even by Grey’s standards.
Bailey warns DeLuca not to talk to anyone about the court case while at work, which means the only one he can talk to is Jo. Now, Are the writers setting up Jo and Andrew as a couple? Please no!

Masters Of Sex – S4xEp05 – Outliers

Am I the only one who thinks that Bill & Virginia are so wrong for each other in so many ways? And yet it feels that we’re heading towards them finally being together ( especially that I heard that the real Masters and Johnson did get married…and then eventually divorced).

Virginia, now aware that they belong together, and being against him reconciling with his wife, tries to tell him that falling into old patterns can be dangerous. However, Dr. Masters is categorical and refuses to go with her to New York in order to revive their second book about human sexual inadequacies.

Bill and Libby couldn’t get more flirtatious with each other. Their scenes were sexy ( although she’s way sexier than him ), but more importantly I’m in awe to see how balanced and mature their relationship has grown to become.

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As husband and wife, they shared no passion, but more important they were never honest. Libby has been liberated by her divorce, and while she cares for Bill and has enjoyed their various sexual experimentations, she knows their marriage is in the past. She says they should have had more friends; Bill responds, “I’m always afraid that people won’t like me, because people don’t like me.” They discuss how they should’ve taken the kids to Disneyland, which leads to the wonderful line/mental image “Bill Masters on the spinning teacups!” Ultimately, though, Libby doesn’t want to get back together because it’s so profoundly liberating to no longer be worrying about if or when Bill will leave her. She urges Bill to figure out a way to be with Gini, essentially asking, “If you don’t, what was all this for?”

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Elsewhere, Betty pushes her pregnant girlfriend, Helen, to tell her parents the truth about her and the child growing inside of her. Helen’s parents are staying with her and it doesn’t look like they are planning on leaving any time soon. So, Helen found the courage and told them that she is a lesbian and that the baby was conceived by a donor, not some salesman. Betty returns to her apartment the next morning with a crying and distraught Helen to comfort. She told them the truth and they left. It didn’t seem like they would ever return.

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Somewhere in the middle of all this, Nancy and Art discover the bugging equipment set up at the office, and Nancy fumes over being spied on “by a woman who isn’t even a doctor.” Calm down.

How to Get away with Murder – S3xEp03 – Always Bet Black

Since we won’t know who the dead body is until the end of the season, here’s what we already know and what has been revealed on that last episode.
After learning that Oliver is safe and working on erasing some evidence from Annalise’s phone, Bonnie comes to help out Oliver on the scene and assures us she’s not the one under the sheet.But, apparently, there’s another body being pulled out of Annalise’s house and that person still has a pulse.
This week’s case of the pro-bono clinic focuses on Toby Solomon & it’s Michaela’s turn to struggle with this week’s client ( N.B: she only got first-chair because she stood up, literally ). However, she’s also distracted by the news that her ex-fiance has gotten engaged to someone else.
Toby is one of the worst clients ever shown in this series. At some point, he confesses to killing someone named Jamie Sherman. We see a flashback of him getting bullied, and apparently, that’s a good enough excuse to kill someone. Annalise doesn’t defend his actions but asks where the body is.
Even though, Bonnie considered turning Toby in through an anonymous tip. (* because of her father rape history, Bonnie is uncomfortable letting him get away with what he did ), Annalise does her job and it’s her job to defend even the worst clients . She gets Toby three years in jail in exchange for confessing to manslaughter.
Laurel, still on the hunt for Frank, goes to see the one person she hates most – her father — and that shows the addiction to Frank is still there. After visiting her Father; a visit filled with bickering and with the help of a confused mediator ( father’s assistant ). She finally left knowing where Frank is.
It took her ‘selling a piece of her soul’ to her father, and she’s definitely keeping that information to herself. By playing a double game, she tricks Annalise in thinking she was empty handed. She’s buying herself time. She can’t trust anyone — except maybe Wes. She can’t relay that information to Annalise and Bonnie without being one step ahead, and so she’s planned that out.
I’m pretty sure Laurel is going to pursue her lead and something tells me she’s taking Wes with her. It’s only a matter of time until Wes realizes he truly has feelings for Laurel especially after his girlfriend mentioned her doubts and almost broke up with him because of it.

Grey’s Anatomy – S13xEp3 – ‘I Ain’t No Miracle Worker’

The big medical case of the week, took part in most of the episode. It came as a result of a multiple-car-crash on the way to a funeral; the whole family is injured, including the one who caused the accident, who is no one else than their long lost black sheep sister Kara, who no one’s seen for years, and who’s pregnant. Kara’s mom, who is overwhelmed by the news that Kara’s there, and by having to say good-bye to her husband’s body again, goes into cardiac arrest holding her dead husband’s hand. Maggie and Amelia and Stephanie try to revive her for over forty minutes, and then call time of death.

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And then, just like that, she’s alive again. It’s Lazarus syndrome — the spontaneous return of circulation after failed attempts at resuscitation — and, yes, it’s real, although Stephanie points out there are only 38 cases on record.

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April confesses to Jackson, “I did not know a miracle could be so boring.” Naturally, things in the ER were anything but boring, the widow of the dead man, who died herself, came back to life! While Jackson continues to be the perfect baby daddy, and melts hearts everywhere.

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The second big thing of the episode was the return of Arizona ( Ghosh ! How I missed her ) . She confronts Karev about his fight and asks why he didn’t return any of her calls or text. She tells Karev how mad she is at him for what happened. He completely agrees and tells her all he can do is keep doing his time working in the clinic and try to get back to where he was.  But despite being angry with Alex, Arizona tells Owen that she thinks a felony is a bit excessive for Alex to be charged with for beating up DeLuca. The next time Arizona runs into DeLuca, he asks if he needs to move out because of all the drama going on. Arizona reassures DeLuca that she wants him to continue to be her roommate.

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Another important story ( in the long-term ) was Meredith and Riggs continuing to do their little relationship dance around Maggie … but this could come to the surface soon. I really thought at some point that Amelia put one and one together and figured out the truth. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and this is not going to end well.

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Then we got Miranda and Ben. These two have the ability to be both sweet and incredibly sexy in one scene. Watching Ben take on the role of bad cop was a fun way to teach Tucker a lesson. “You need a bad cop. Deputize me.” Ben’s methods of teaching Tuck right from wrong are certainly unique. Together, Ben and Jackson show Tuck just what happens when you fight with images of DeLuca after his attack from Alex. But Ben exaggerates the affects and says that now DeLuca is blind. It seems to work though, and he’s horrified by the images.

Masters Of Sex – S4xEp04 – Coats or Keys

I guess it wouldn’t really be the 60’s,  without a swingers party, and it was time for Masters of Sex writers to include such a scenario in the script… gladly everyone got invited or somehow ended up there.

I’m not sure if this key party (or more accurately coat party) was the secret behind Art and Nancy’s weird and strange behavior, or if it was the only reason they didn’t admit they were married. Even though it was unexpected, it didn’t satisfy me completely as I’m still waiting to find out more about that couple. Somehow something tells me they’re plotting again Virginia and Bill and as deeply honest  as the scene between Art and Ginie was, I still do not trust his character entirely and I don’t bite on him playing the victim.

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Art did, nevertheless give the speech of the season so far , allowing them to speak truth about their respective ‘in denial’ states, not using sex, but lying on the bed fully clothed, having the best therapy session one could hope for.

Your husband loves you, right? What makes you worthy of his love? Is it because your respective infidelities cancel each other out? Maybe he knows who you really are. Not your body in bed or your mind at work, but the secret you. The person you don’t want anyone to see, much less acknowledge yourself. A woman who is fucked up, and he loves you anyway. Isn’t that true love? Someone who will kiss your bruises the same way he kisses your lips, who’s on your side, not when it’s easy, but when it’s damn near impossible, when you yourself don’t think you deserve it.

At the same time, Art’s explanation of love seemed to open Virginia’s eyes to the fact that Bill is probably the only man who’s gotten close enough to know who she truly is.

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Things changed for almost everyone who attended the party in different ways,  Desperate Lester, who is upset with his wife sleeping with another man, who gets rejected from all the women at the part, has sex with an African American woman in his car.

And against all odds, Libby and Bill spent the night together. Bill asks Libby for amendments and what he can do for her to make it up. Among the three wish list, she asks him to go down on her, because she never experienced this.Their scenes are really touching and it’s nice to see Libby break free.

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How to get Away with Murder – S3xEp02 – There Are Worse Things Than Murder

This week, the suspense of the incident wasn’t really put at the center. Even though the season’s premiere left us hungry for more, the second episode distracts us with a new case the students at Annalise’s law clinic are working on. It’s about Irene, a woman who brutally murdered her husband after enduring years of physical, sexual, and mental abuse. Their task is to argue in favor of her parole application — which is no easy feat, since she was not remorseful about murdering her husband.


After meeting with each of the students, Irene selects Connor to work for her, and he takes the lead on the case. Connor isn’t thrilled at first — he thinks it’s a lost battle. She knew it was the only way out of her horrible life with him and is not apologetic for that. In her eyes, she did the only thing she could to make sure she was free from him.


Irene grew under his skin, and Conner ends up delivering a passionate speech arguing that they’re focusing on her actions — they’ve implied that she wasn’t in imminent danger at the exact time of the murder — rather than focusing on the actions of the man who abused her for years. (The board actually asks Irene why she didn’t leave the relationship.) Connor tells the board that by punishing Irene for what her husband did, they’re continuing the cycle of abuse.



We also see less of Frank, the ‘fugitive’ with the sexy Shaved Beard & Hair apart from this one scene when he places a call to Annalise’s burner phone, bloody and tearful, explaining he had no choice but to kill his former boss’s new heavy. Then he does what anyone would do to cover up the murder. Drive the dead person’s car into a tree, spray it with petroleum, and set it on fire. Classic !

Bonnie does her usual snooping and learns that Laurel hasn’t really been honest and has been calling Frank for months. This all ends with Bonnie and Annalise convincing Laurel to leave Frank one last message — assuring him no one is mad, and asking him to come home. Oh-oh
On an Annalise Level, her weird relationship with Wes keeps heading towards ‘disturbing’. I can’t decide if she wants to serve as a mother figure to him, or if she’s just being a ‘cougar’. Asking him to move in was totally out of place. I doubt that the University board would approve having students moving in with their professors.
Each week, the flash-forward scenes will reveal who is not under the sheet. “Every episode, you’ll see more of the night of the house fire and you’ll always see more of who is not under that sheet. So you can follow along at home for who is alive,” said show creator Pete Nowalk last week.
Tonight, Oliver was the lucky one who will not be killed off. But why is Annalise giving Oliver her phone two months from now and asking him to delete everything?

Grey’s Anatomy – S13xEp2 – Catastrophe and the Cure

We’re at the 2nd episode and the focus is on Alex, whereas he is around his work space, cutely reminding a young patient that nothing’s as bad as broccoli, or whereas he’s dealing with his felony assault he got charged with in the second degree.


The Catastrophe is mainly hitting as Jo made it clear that they were over, and Chief Bailey decided that he could no longer operate at Grey Sloan and gave him the clinic to manage so she wouldn’t have to fire him.


We can already see that the staff of Grey Sloan are picking sides. Amelia for example openly said she was on #teamJo, inviting her to her first dinner party as a married woman; along with Riggs (whom her husband hates), Maggie (who wants to sleep with Riggs), and Meredith (who has already slept with Riggs). The party is as awkward as expected, especially after Mer tells Riggs to shut her sister down when she asks him out.


Meanwhile, I still don’t get the Baby choice name of ‘Harriet’ Kepner-Avery, but she is cute and healthy and ready to go home from the hospital, but April isn’t — her incision from the C-section still isn’t healed. ( Thank you Shonda Rhimes for writing a realistic script ).


She’s devastated not to be leaving with her baby, and Jackson tries to calm her down until she basically tells him to leave so she can cry forever until she’s dehydrated, then die.


Through a Tablet, April started singing “Faith” by George Michael to the baby to get her to sleep; as much as it was weird to choose that song on this particular moment, I think the choice was just perfect, unpredictable and made a sense for the whole episode.